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State of Louisiana

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Louisiana Department of

Public Safety & Corrections –

Corrections Services


Angola, LA


Why work for DOC?
  • Culture: DOC values and supports employees through numerous recognition programs, creating a sense of community, prioritizing internal promotional opportunities, clear communication, and professional development.
  • Growth: Professional growth is encouraged at DOC through numerous avenues.
  • Benefits: DOC offers a generous benefits package including; a defined benefit pension plan, health insurance that is also available post retirement, at least 10 paid holidays, sick and annual leave that rolls over from year to year, paid or time off accrued for hours worked over 40 per week, a deferred compensation plan, a flexible benefits plan, alternate work schedules, work from home, etc. Alternative work schedules including 4/10’s or work from home MAY be an available benefit for certain positions upon meeting the policy requirements.

This position may be filled as:

    : The selected employee may be required to serve a trial detail prior to being permanently promoted.
  • PROBATIONAL APPOINTMENT: Current permanent status classified State employees may be required to accept a probational appointment, if selected.
  • TEMPORARY JOB APPOINTMENT: This position may be filled by temporary job appointment. If filled as a temporary job appointment, should a permanent position become available, the employee may be converted to a probational appointment.
  • Exams and License Requirements
    • Applicants must have a Civil Service test score for 8100-Professional Level Exam in order to be considered for this vacancy unless exempted by Civil Service rule or policy.
      • If you do not have a score prior to applying to this posting, it may result in your application not being considered.
  • Applicants without current test scores can apply to take the test here.
  • To claim this test exemption, mark this selection and any others on Agency-Wide Question “Check all that apply.”
  • Any degree, certificate, special license, or DD-214 must be verified by official documentation prior to hire.
    • Any qualifying experience that is based on college credit/college hours should have an accompanying transcript for verification.

Failure to provide your qualifying work experience may result in your application not being considered.

  • As part of a Career Progression Group, vacancies may be filled from this recruitment as a Training and Development Specialist 1, 2, or 3 depending on the level of experience of the selected applicant(s).
    • The maximum salary for the Training and Development Specialist 3 is $77,958.00 annually.
    • Please refer to the ‘Job Specifications’ tab located at the top of the LA Careers ‘Current Job Opportunities’ page of the Civil Service website for specific information on salary ranges, minimum qualifications and job concepts for each level.
  • To apply for this vacancy, click on the “Apply” link above and complete an electronic application, which can be used for this vacancy as well as future job opportunities.


  • IMPORTANT: In the supplemental questions section, applicants must authorize the HR Office of DPS&C-Corrections Services to contact prior employers to check references under the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), to be considered for employment, by answering ‘YES’ to the PREA question.
  • Resumes WILL NOT be accepted in lieu of completed education and experience sections on your application. Applications may be rejected if incomplete.
  • There is no guarantee that everyone who applies to this posting will be interviewed. The hiring supervisor/manager has 90 days from the closing date of the announcement to make a hiring decision. Specific information about this job will be provided to you in the interview process, should you be selected.
  • Applicants are responsible for checking the status of their application to determine where they are in the recruitment process. Further status message information is located under the Information section of the Current Job Opportunities page.
  • This Agency is a Drug Free Workplace.
  • To view and apply to any of our other postings we currently have available, click HERE.

The Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections – Corrections Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate based on any non-merit factor including disability.

For further information about this vacancy contact:

Chassity Rheams

Louisiana State Penitentiary

Human Resources

(225) 655-2055

Fax: 225-342-5968


A baccalaureate degree.
Six years of full-time work experience in any field may be substituted for the required baccalaureate degree.
Candidates without a baccalaureate degree may combine work experience and college credit to substitute for the baccalaureate degree as follows:
A maximum of 120 semester hours may be combined with experience to substitute for the baccalaureate degree.
30 to 59 semester hours credit will substitute for one year of experience towards the baccalaureate degree.
60 to 89 semester hours credit will substitute for two years of experience towards the baccalaureate degree.
90 to 119 semester hours credit will substitute for three years of experience towards the baccalaureate degree.
120 or more semester hours credit will substitute for four years of experience towards the baccalaureate degree.
College credit earned without obtaining a baccalaureate degree may be substituted for a maximum of four years full-time work experience towards the baccalaureate degree. Candidates with 120 or more semester hours of credit, but without a degree, must also have at least two years of full-time work experience to substitute for the baccalaureate degree.

Any college hours or degree must be from a school accredited by one of the following regional accrediting bodies: the Middle States Commission on Higher Education; the New England Commission of Higher Education; the Higher Learning Commission; the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities; the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools; and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Job Concepts

Function of Work:
To train general audiences in basic subject matter.

Level of Work:

Supervision Received:
General from a Training and Development Specialist 3, Training and Development Staff Manager or other supervisory staff.

Supervision Exercised:

Location of Work:
May be used by all state agencies.

Job Distinctions:
NOTE: The allocation of Training and Development Specialists is based on type of courses, audience composition and function. For further details and clarification, refer to the Memorandum of Allocation Criteria.

Differs from Training and Development Specialist 2 by the level of complexity of the courses taught, revised or developed, type of audience, independence, and the absence of higher level functions such as: identifying problems which training can correct or post evaluation of existing courses.

Examples of Work

Receives training from higher level Training and Development Specialists and Managers.

Assists in revising and developing courses to be delivered.

Delivers in their entirety, regularly scheduled and recurring courses of instruction.

Utilizes case studies, role plays, varied written materials and other structured learning activities.

Prepares visual aids appropriate to the course materials.

Researches subject matter of training topics to achieve teaching and writing competency.

Delivers courses that require a minimum of development and preparation to audiences that require little variation in teaching methods.

Schedules employees for outside education and arranges for applicable stipends.

Operates necessary equipment to accomplish mission goals and objectives.

Assists in maintenance of agency-wide training records.

Provides assistance to higher level Training and Development Specialists.

Performs any other duties required for the operation of the agency.

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